Benefits of Membership

America’s Largest Business Discount Network


Over 350,000 SMB Professionals Group Member Discounts From The Brands You Know!


SMB Professionals Group Member Benefits feature exclusive savings from popular restaurants, retailers, hotels, theme parks and more.



  • Exclusive discounts at over 350,000 locations nationwide
  • Up to 50% off from America’s top brands and local stores
  • Mobile member benefits website
  • A show-your-phone mobile coupon app
  • Membership support
  • An optional membership card
  • Toll-free customer service


Benefits By The Numbers:

  • Everyday savings of up to 50% off
  • At over 300,000 merchants nationwide
  • Serving 100% of top U.S. markets
  • In over 10,000 cities and populated places
  • 200,000+ “Show Your Phone” mobile coupons
  • Over 500 national brands
more than a great member benefit – it is a convenient, fun way for our members to find great deals on everything from groceries to home improvements to vacation getaways.


— Jacqui Sisto, Communications Director 


SMB Professionals Group Benefits give you instant anywhere access to exclusive discounts that save hundreds of dollars on the purchases you make every day, as well as big-ticket purchases like vacations and other luxury items. As a SMB Professionals Group member you will find yourself quickly saving many times over your membership investment.