Telecom Companies: Building Blocks for the Digital Revolution

Telecom Companies: Building Blocks for the Digital Revolution


Topic: Telecoms and The Future
Provider: Accenture Strategy
Authors: Greg DouglassJames Wildenburg  (click name to view profile)
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Digitalization has immense potential. Accenture, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, estimates digital could deliver approximately $100 trillion in value to business and society through 2025.

But, telecoms need to deliver essential infrastructure, applications and productivity improvements in many areas for global digitalization to realize its full potential.

With 44 zettabytes forecast as annual data flow in 2020 (equivalent to 44 trillion gigabytes)—and no slowdown in sight– the time to begin transformation is now, starting with their own business model.


Accenture sees four main areas of digital impact
for telecom companies over the next several years:

1. Networks of the Future.
2. Beyond the Pipe.
3. Redefining Customer Engagement.
4. Bridging the Gap on Innovation