The 5 Email Addresses Every Business Needs

When it comes to business email and addresses, I have two fundamental rules.


1. Keep it business.

2. Make it obvious.


Keep it Business

One of the key foundations of success in business is credibility and trust. Though similar, these are two different things and are closely tied together.  You should do all that you can to foster these fundamental pillars of commerce. Exposing yourself to your client base or prospects as is not the way to go.


Make it Obvious

Make your company emails make sense, even to the most challenged of users and employees. In this way you will save time, increase productivity, and stay organized.


Here are my Top 5 Make Sense Email Addresses and what they should be used for.


The info@ email address has become the most widely accepted way to receive general information or customer service requests.


your name@

DUH. Enough said.



Today social media is a must. With this comes social requests, complaints, updates(TONS OF THEM), and error reports. Keep your main inboc clean by sending it where it belongs,



At some point your clients will need support. Having a support@ email address lets them, and you, know exactly why they are contacting you. It is important that all support emails and tickets get seen and addressed in a timely fashion. Having a dedicated support@ address and keeps them from getting burried in other communications or clutering other boxes.



In one form or another, you’re going to need to accept payments. This address is used as the catch all for paymennt, disputes, billing issues, banking issues, updates, etc. As with the aforementioned, this will keep your billing emails from cluttering you other boxes and reduce the chances of missing something important that has been buried in “the noise.”


Others that we use are:

  • advertise
  • members
  • abuse
  • editor


Using easy to remember email addresses and having your various departmental emails seperated, you will be more productive as well as organized.    Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

Happy e-mailing!


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